The Division to get “Conflict” Content Update May 24th

The Division 1.2 Conflict Update

In a press release on Tuesday, Ubisoft Massive announced a forthcoming update for Tom Clancy’s The Division. Codenamed “Conflict,” this update aims to fix a slew of glitches, exploits, and bugs that have been plaguing the game since its release earlier this year. It’s a good thing that Ubisoft Massive is doing something about these issues, too, as the playerbase has greatly dwindled from its initial boom back in March.

A declining playerbase is a huge problem, and if Ubisoft wants the game’s lifespan to encompass future content, they are going to have to make some changes. One of those changes is new content more frequently, and update 1.2 they are providing just that.

Of course, regardless of fresh content being present or not, another huge issue involves the community’s less desirable players. During the last ban wave, most players faced a penalty of two-weeks for their non-compliance with the game’s rules. Well, those two weeks are up, and the servers are once again starting to swarm with hackers, griefers, and undesirable teammates and opponents. And trust us, nothing is more frustrating than hackers watching you through walls and headshotting you with a pistol from across the map. If Ubisoft wants to keep players, they need to beef up security too.

Despite all of the frustration, the content update is what is keeping the community hopeful in The Division’s future. The content will spark new interest in the game’s main area for a brief period, which is cool because it’s a place largely abandoned by those who have completed every mission and grown tired of its repetitiveness.
This area is a lot more fun with fresh content, and since it is co-op centric, hackers won’t be ruining every game like they do in the Dark Zone.

Also included in the update is a new mechanic: target assassinations. Conflict will introduce High-Value Targets into the game, rewarding players for finding and presumably killing select targets.

Ubisoft Massive is keeping the content update’s details pretty hushed for the moment, but some things are fairly certain. We know that the high-value target missions will involve players collecting information and essentially stalking targets beforehand, meaning it won’t just be a mindless A to B killing mission; you’ll have to do the sleuth work as well.

We also know that players will not be able to partake in these high-value target missions until players complete every available side mission and encounter. While most players have everything completed and will be able to enjoy the new content right off the bat, but others will have to do a bit of grunt work to unlock the update’s content.

Either way, it’s a step in the right direction by Ubisoft to get the full shilling out of The Division’s vast city. Regardless, it is nice to see Ubisoft stepping up and reviving the game that had so much potential but didn’t quite live up to the hype. It’s still a great game, and it can only get better from here on out, but a rocky start is hard to recover from. Luckily, it seems that Ubisoft has it covered.

The Conflict update (1.2) will release on May 24th for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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