Fallout 4’s Far Harbor is Scary, adds 20+ hours

Fallout 4 Far Harbor

Fallout 4 launched back in November of last year to raving reviews. Bethesda promised players it would continue to create loads of content for the game, and they haven’t gone back on that promise: Back in March we were given the Automatron DLC, which let players build custom robot companions to aid them in their adventures. In April Bethesda released the Wasteland Workshop DLC, which added the ability to capture live creatures and have them fight in arena-style battles to the death. And now, on May 19th, Far Harbor is dropping, and it is by far the most ambitious Fallout DLC yet.

The DLC is set on the Island of Far Harbor, Maine, which is based off of Bar Harbor, an actual remote harbor north of Boston. Detective Nick Valentine is in search of a young woman who is somewhere on the island, along with a mysterious colony of synths. Facing high levels of radiation and growing tension between the various factions of Far Harbor, the sole survivor is tasked with cracking the case.

Far Harbor was characterized by Bethesda as the largest DLC location that they have ever developed with regards to the sheer size of the land. This didn’t really give any hints to the length, breadth, or scale of content we should be expecting, however. Luckily, an anonymous playtester on Reddit answered a few questions about the upcoming DLC.

Far Harbor - Fog Crawler

One playtester claimed that, in order to do every quest and explore every landmark, you’ll have to invest around 20-22 hours into the game. Of those hours, another tester claimed that about 10 to 15 hours of content were miscellaneous tasks, thus indicating a somewhat short main questline. There are, of course, lots of secrets hidden throughout the land that are not really prominent unless you seek them out, however, so that can add a lot of play time onto the expansion.

Nevertheless, the general consensus seems to be that Far Harbor has a really cool new map area, some cool new unique weapons such as lever action rifles, and a bunch of cool new melee items. Also, the quests are said to be more structured, and completing one quest leads to multiple others; this is a problem the main game seemed to struggle with. Overall, we were told to think of a much, much scarier Point Lookout (from Fallout 3) mixed with Dead Money (New Vegas).

Bethesda has reported that Far Harbor will have an eerie feel to it, and the testers acknowledged that it is indeed true. Far Harbor is said to be very dark and foggy most of the time, and it contains many deadly enemies that can ambush you at any second. The locale is said to be immensely creepy, and some surprises, such as being attacked by wolves at night, can lead to unexpected jump scares.

Far Harbor Welcome Sign

Far Harbor will cost gamers $24.99 when purchased as a standalone DLC, but those who have purchased Fallout 4’s DLC Season Pass will receive the addon for no additional charge. This, along with the recent release of the Fallout 4 Creation Kit on PC, it’s safe to say that Fallout 4 is far from dead.

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