Video Explores the Consequences of Electric, Driverless Cars

It’s no secret that the future of automobiles is the electric, self-driving car. These technologies are rapidly advancing, and are on course to seeing the light of day very soon, but analysts are still baffled as to what it will mean for the future of transportation. This video asks that very question.

With technology innovators such as Google and Tesla taking a stab at the transportation industry, anything is possible. Google has been successfully testing their self-driving car for years now, and Tesla’s groundbreaking battery designs are revolutionizing the way we store and harness power. But with this fast-approaching reality of self-driving cars, we need to face the reality: it is going to be a huge culture shock to everyone.

Analysts are asking themselves the complex questions: How will this affect policing? What about those who want to drive? What if the technology is flawed? These three alone add a specific stigma to the topic that might repel the consuming public when these technologies are first introduced. That’s where this video comes in. The Financial Times has analyzed trends, opinions, and predictions to make this video, “Long Road to a Driverless Future.”

The video uses Google’s self-driving car as a specific example. The car uses complex artificial intelligence systems and precise engineering to create a car that can operate entirely by itself. Naturally, it also describes the immense restrictions that engineers face when trying to solve the problems the project is seeking to overcome. It even touches on the legality of self-driving cars, and who will be held responsible in the occurence of an accident. These hard-hitting questions really do put the possibility of self-driving automobiles into question.

But we won’t spoil the video here. Much like Freakanomics, this is something you should experience for yourself, rather than have someone describe to you. They really do touch on some interesting arguments. Eventually, the issues that arise from electric, self-driving cars need to be considered and discussed, making the outcome will be all the more interesting.

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