Xbox One S 4k Bluray makes it an instant value

4k televisions have been on the market for quite some time now, but when it comes to actually enjoying 4k experiences, the area still remains limited. Many are looking to future-proof their entertainment setups when buying a 4k TV, as there’s really no reason to buy a 4k TV at the current state of the market. However, we’re starting to see a rise to prominence of 4k bluray players in the Europe region. But with the Xbox one S coming soon, maybe you should hold off on a 4k bluray player.

For instance Panasonic’s new 4k bluray player is going to be a staggering $1200, making an absolute premium for top of the line consumers. Meanwhile in a few months the Xbox one S is going to ship, with 4k capability at a fraction of the cost of Panasonic’s new player.

When the Xbox One S was announced at E3 the entire office was extremely excited. In all honesty, the game capabilities seem just a bit subpar to us considering the price of PC gaming nowadays, but with its increased resolution and built in 4k bluray player, it will surely make a great media center. It might not be worth it to go out and sell your used Xbox one in order to afford to upgrade, but for those of you who have been waiting for the right moment to buy an Xbox one, the moment is now. Considering it is the cheapest 4k bluray player on the market, there isn’t much of a reason to choose otherwise.

It was announced at the Xbox one S will come out and three different versions, each touting a different size hard drive. The console will debut with the 2 TB version in the middle of August. The cheaper 1 TB and 500 GB versions of this system will release closer to the holiday season.

With the value of the bluray compatibility alone, the Xbox One is probably the best time to jump on the 4k hype train. You could pay $1200 for a 4k bluray player that can stream Netflix and Youtube, or you could buy an Xbox One S for a fraction of the cost and have the added ability of playing video games. Mind you, these are top of the tine video games. Then, consider the fact that the console will be able to play Xbox One games with enhanced graphics and the value even furthers.

When the new console ships, the price of the original we’ll also drop, which will increase sales of games, since they will all run on both consoles. This is great news, because a lot of people don’t even have 4k TVs yet. Those people will be able to buy the console for cheaper while those who have top of the line televisions and have money to spend on luxuries can afford the new, revamped model. Needless to say, the Xbox one S is easily a great value for anyone looking to enhance their Home Entertainment setups.

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